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CAEAR Coalition has taken an active role in addressing recent developments regarding proposed changes to the 340B Pharmacy program that may affect current eligible entities, as well as oversight of the Program. While CAEAR Coalition applauds HRSA’s goal to increase accountability and its desire to provide additional oversight for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, CAEAR strongly believes that two changes proposed in recent HRSA guidance would undermine the Program’s success:

  • CAEAR Coalition is extremely concerned that the current guidance eliminates Ryan White Medical Case Management providers from participating in the 340B program.
  • CAEAR Coalition is extremely concerned that the current guidance unfairly places the burden of avoiding duplicate discounts on the covered entity.

CAEAR Coalition detailed its concerns and provided solutions when HRSA requested comments to its first draft of the guidance. Read CAEAR Coalition’s Comments to HRSA 340B Drug Pricing Guidance and its Statement on the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

CAEAR Coalition continues to monitor developments and is waiting for HRSA to release its updated guidance. If needed, CAEAR Coalition will alert its members on next steps. CAEAR Coalition P.O. Box 21361 Washington, DC 20009-1361 Tel: 202-486-8757


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